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Citywealth's User Ratings Site: The Leaders List

Citywealth’s Leaders List is a User Rating directory of the leading individuals in international private client and wealth management. Over 15 years of research, Citywealth has identified the best wealth managers and advisors who regularly assist clients with £5million + in investable assets and some of the wealthiest billionaires in the world. They help with tax advice, succession plans and in managing family business and financial issues. The site receives 25,000 average page views per month with visitors arriving via Google,, and LinkedIn posts. 400 reviews are left on the site monthly by private clients, institutional clients, and peers. This enables you to choose a wealth manager, lawyer, attorney, accountant, CPA, trustee or family office advisor with a track record of success and independently checked by the Citywealth team. We actively monitor the site to prevent fake reviews and to manage complaints by refering unhappy users to relevant bodies like the Law Society and FSA. In addition we contact the relevant recommended individuals for feedback about complaints. Ultimately we will remove advisors and managers from our user ratings site if complaints are not addressed to our satisfaction. 

Who is the site used by?

The site is visited by peers in the industry, UHNWs, charities, family offices and institutional clients.

The research process

How do I get listed?

We require two references: from either a peer or private client, as well as a case study demonstrating your work.

Submit here

Only those who meet our criteria are recommended and listed on this site. All listed individuals receive a free, basic listing on our website.

Submissions are received year-round.

What criteria must I meet to be considered?

You must be a wealth management or private client professional advising clients with an average net worth of £5million or more. We list individuals from all disciplines including banking, legal, accounting, private investment offices, and trustees.

Do you feature Future Leaders?

Yes, we feature those aged 40 or under where they are recommended to us by an experienced individual in the industry or by a private client. We also include the winners of our annual Future Leaders Awards.

The Leaders List has an added benefit for building the reputation of the next generation to reassure clients they are in good hands.

With fees on the rise, clients want to know who is working on their matter or investments. Often they may be offered a more associate or junior Portfofio manager because partners are busy. We feel it’s important to shine a light on these highly qualified professionals who are building their own reputations and careers. Not only does this help build confidence for clients it can help justify their costs by pointing to previous reviews and feedback. Next generation advisors can even start to win their own clients more quickly by having independent validation on the Leaders List.

How can I publish a biography and photo?

Only those listed on our site, who have received Citywealth validation, are invited to publish a professional biography and picture, alongside their contact details to enhance their listing and facilitate contact between clients and listed individuals. If you would like to upgrade, please view our options.

Can you list my company?

We list companies only when we have individuals listed at that organisation. Once listed, there are options to enhance your profile. Free and upgrade options are available. For more information contact Calin Lapuste.


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Engaging with the Leaders List

Once listed, you are able to optimise your profile through directing clients, peers and coworkers to leave you a review and rating. You can also case studies.

What are reviews and ratings?

Every individual profile has a red button which can be clicked by peers, private clients, institutional clients and coworkers. They can leave a rating beside our criteria: fee level, quality of advice, communication skills, interpersonal skills. They can also leave a review.

All reviews are verified by our editorial team before being uploaded.

We do not publish negative reviews. Instead we will inform the individual and allow them an opportunity to explain the situation. If an individual received multiple negative reviews, their profile would be removed from the site.

Why do you publish reviews and ratings?

The days of taking a recommendation from a friend or family member alone are numbered simply because there are more options like Google search available and because the comfort levels of buying expensive services or items online has grown. By demonstrating clearly the skills of different advisors, UHNWs can match their needs with an advisor and better understand who might be the best match.

Why should I add a case study?

A case study provides clients with a clear example of how you have helped a client solve a problem. Written in non-technical language it allows the UHNW to understand how you could apply your skills to help them with their own problem. The benefit of adding a case study is that keywords are then searchable throughout the site, for example: ‘yachts’, ‘luxury property’ and ‘divorce’. An UHNW searching the site for specific expertise can find you more easily.

How can I be included in a 'Top Rated' list?

Our top-rated lists are periodical rankings based on our research. They might be exclusively created by editorial discretion, based on reviews and rankings received on the site, or based on additional research undertaken by our editorial team.

For more information on the latest lists, contact deputy editor Ashleigh John.

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