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What is Citywealth Leaders List?

The Citywealth Leaders List is a directory that helps people and charities with £25 million and above to invest to choose the best wealth managers and advisers globally. It features lawyers, accountants, private bankers, family offices, private investment offices and trustees working on behalf of ultra-high net worth private clients, wealthy families, entrepreneurs and charities. All entries are nominated for inclusion by their peers or organisations and independently verified by Citywealth with peer or client references. Their inclusion in the Leaders List means their expertise is recognised and recommended globally. The directory is published in print once a year.

How much does it cost to be featured in the Leaders List?

The editorial listing is free of charge. It includes your name, company name, specialism, location, one anonymous peer or client recommendation, rating and reviews, plus any awards you may have won with Citywealth. You can add your profile picture, contact details, a 100-word biography and a company logo as upgraded features.  Click here to see the options and prices.

Why should I upgrade my profile?

Upgraded profiles get a higher ranking on our site. We also believe the cluster effect of the content on our site will mean UHNW clients, charities and peers who spend up to six hours a day on their phones now, will be driven to the Leaders List through Google searches making it far more powerful than individual websites. The ability to contact professionals through the site is also an essential requirement from clients and peer feedback. One investment manager in the sector has just received a billionaire client directly through their website making this an important vehicle to grow your client base.  In our annual print version, we have 2000+ pre selected industry peers dealing with £25million - billionaire UHNW clients who receive it.

What is a reference/testimonial?

Reference is a written statement from an external peer, which means an individual who doesn’t work for the same company as yourself, or from a client. It’s a recommendation of the services that you provide. We publish the reference or an extract on the online Leaders List website and in the print version.

Example 1:

“Caroline combines commercial acumen, tough negotiating skills, excellent judgment and thirty years’ experience of top level litigation. She is one of the best advisers and litigators around."

Example 2:

“Paul and his team have offered excellent service to some of our most significant clients. In a particularly noteworthy case, he got to grips admirably with a difficult historic structure and brought it up to date, dealing with some problematic issues at the same time as building a strong relationship with the settlor and principal beneficiary. Paul is just what you need in a trustee, combining thoroughness with excellent client relationship skills.”

Do you publish referees’ contact details?

No. Referees’ details are kept confidential and are never shared with third parties.

How many references do I need to supply?

If you or the individual you’re submitting for is currently listed on the Leaders List, you will need to supply one new reference annually. If you or the individual you’re submitting for is not currently listed on the Leaders List, you will need to supply two new references.

If you’re unsure whether the individual you’re submitting for is currently listed, you can search the Leaders List by their name or company: type their name or the company name in the “fast find” box.

Why does Citywealth need a reference for each individual?

Citywealth Leaders List offers independent approval that allows you, your peers and your clients to better navigate the global wealth industry and make your client’s investment and life choices with confidence. Being listed in the Leaders List means that your expertise and experience is recognised and recommended by the industry and UHNW clients.

What is an anonymised case study and why is it important?

A case study is a written example of your client work from the last year. It is to help to understand the services and skills that the industry provides. It is a way to aid transparency for those buying services, the media and peers. The case study should contain some essential information: type of client you dealt with which could be anything from a family with inheritance issues or a divorce; a brief on the client’s request; the solution you offered; the outcome for the client. We don’t have any wish to embarrass or identify individuals; it is simply an illustration of what work can be undertaken by the wealth industry.

Example of an anonymised case study:

I act for a wealthy octogenarian who wants to create a succession structure for his four children and their families. Although the client does not live in the UK, two of his children are UK residents while another child is a US person. The fourth child has an unfortunate history of ill-advised investment decisions and the client wishes to protect his fourth child’s share from potential problems. The client has a pre-existing private trust company, which manages both a family trust and a charitable trust. The underlying company within the family trust had to be formed into four new companies, one for each of the family branches. The shares in the new companies were then resettled by the client on bespoke trusts for the four family branches. A protector committee was established to oversee the trusts and to protect the trustees and the beneficiaries. The four companies also had a co-managed investment strategy that needed to take into account UK and US investment restrictions. The protector committee also had to take into account US and UK trust law considerations and consider management and control concerns.

Is the case study published and can anyone see it online?

Yes, the case study is published on the Leaders List website. It MUST BE ANONYMISED by yourself before you submit it via the submission form or email. However, if we feel the case study could lead to identification of high profile individuals then our editorial team will also remove content.

Can the reference be provided by a different client than the one in my case study?

Yes, the reference can be provided by a different client than the one you talk about in your case study. Both the reference and the case study are anonymous and your client’s details are not published or shared with third parties.

Company profiles

Citywealth also features organisations within wealth management. Each company can benefit from a 50-word profile free of charge by contacting the Leaders List editor, Marcela Kunova

What is the difference between online and print?

Online we can reach a wider, more international audience and UHNW clients more easily.  In print, the circulation is pre selected to reach 2000+ advisers and managers predominantly in the UK, Channel Islands and Switzerland who are dealing with UHNW clients worth £25million to billions to invest or structure.

I'm featured in the Leaders List. How do I get the logo?

Citywealth sends the official logo via email to every individual who has a review on their profile. To get the review, invite your clients or external peers (not from the same company as yourself) to rate your profile. Once the review is published, you can claim your logo.

When you have five published reviews, you can claim a second logo featuring the word "Recommended," and your current star rating. Both logos are supplied free of charge.