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Dolfin is an independent and agile wealth management platform. We provide world-class custody, brokerage and investment management to private clients, financial advisers and institutional investors. Founded as a London-based wealth boutique in 2013, today we offer diversified financial solutions, an international presence, and our own bespoke technology.



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Carrying out due diligence for new clients can be time-consuming and laborious, but automating the process through regtech could be a game-changer, believes Dolfin COO Amir Nabi.

Does ESG live up to the hype? In our last update ‘ESG sustainability and the Greta effect’ we discussed how the younger generation were leading the movement towards ethical, social and governance (ESG) investing but that the lack of a standard definition was creating confusion for private and institutional investors. At this point, we are no closer to one definition, but frameworks have emerged. For example, there is the S&P500 ESG Index, the MSCI ESG Index, and the FTSE ESG Index Series. However, Simon Black, head of investment management at Dolfin says, “For investors it is still confusing. They want to know which is better so what’s more ESG? The challenge for us is how do we quantify that in a way that makes sense?”.