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Specialism: Financial Advisory & UHNW Services Family Wealth Advisory

Clearwater Wealth Management

Location: England

City: London

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Work with a £2m trustee investment client

Following an introduction to a client who had £2,000,000 (2mn) held in a trust, they wanted advice on investing, inheritance tax and diversification.

What happened:
I considered the client’s initial objectives and conducted a full review. Assessed whether it would be appropriate to appoint part of the capital from the trust to meet the objectives and the impact that this would have on the client. As a result of these initial discussions, the client confirmed that the capital should remain in the trust.

Recommended a trustee investment proposal to meet the client’s objectives of:

Providing an income
Capital growth
Investment diversification
Earmarking funds for the future benefit of his daughters
Inheritance Tax planning and Tax efficiency

Our team then prepared a presentation for the client meeting. This included:

An investment portfolio with funds being invested in three trustee bonds and one international trustee bond with 99 clusters for additional flexibility.
Using £3,000 of capital per annum to pay for life cover, to partially address the client’s need for Inheritance Tax planning – an area that we are still advising on.

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