James Penny

Head of Private Bank UK International, Private Bank & Overseas Services

Specialism: Private Bankers & Investment Managers Private Banking


Location: England

" I have worked closely with James for over fifteen years for a number of different clients, and he is the essence of what a private banker should be. James has a unique ability to understand clients’ objectives and to provide clear, practical solutions. Clients enormously value his diplomatic style and can-do approach"

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Moving high risk entrepreneurs business assets and family to the UK

Our prospect was a high profile global UNHNW individual, currently living in a part of the world which is politically unstable and becoming increasingly so.  This individual was sending his family to London whilst he gradually was re-locating his business to other jurisdictions. We were able to provide him with details of the information and process required to be able to onboard in the UK and give him a timescale in weeks. The solution we proposed encapsulated work on Investment Visa’s for his family working alongside accountants and lawyers in the UK that we were able to connect him to, we introduced him to property search consultants and provided finance for the property ourselves, as well as connecting his wife to an educational consultant regarding his children’s educational requirements in the UK.  Subsequently we restructured his global investments, currency strategy and treasury requirements within his business dovetailing it into his Family Office. Our Investment banking team are now working with him to dispose of a major part of his business. 

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