Louise Stoten

Senior Partner

Specialism: Lawyers Estate Planning

New Quadrant Partners

Location: England

City: London

" Louise has proved invaluable for the last ten years advising my clients on a spectrum of tax and trust issues. Her ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems is second to none, she remains my firm’s go to person for private client issues."

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2017  Powerwomen Awards

Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year | Silver Award

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Helping the second generation of an old money family with structuring and finance for significant property development projects

I advise a number of substantial families who have interests in the UK and internationally.

One of my families have large UK trust structures but the beneficiaries are resident in Switzerland, Monaco, Austria and the UK and the family also have Dutch issues so we undertake a great deal of cross-border planning for them, ensuring that their investments are structured in the most tax effective tax way and that benefits they receive in all jurisdictions are made in the most efficient manner.

For this family I act as trustee and give strategic advice on the long term planning for the family as the main beneficiaries are in their thirties. I have looked after this family for over fifteen years and have helped to bring on the current generation since their father's death when they were in their teens.

We have included them in our next generation education programmes and have worked with them with coaching and career guidance.

They are an old money family but the current generation have very modern views and we have helped them with structuring and finance for significant property development projects in multiple jurisdictions.

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