Peter Gelles

Attorney at Law

Specialism: Lawyers Art Advisory, Landed Estates and Property, Estate Planning, Corporate and Regulatory

Peter Gelles

Location: USA

City: Los Angeles

5900 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA  90036, USA

T: +1 323-651-5600

F: +1 323-651-5612

Peter Gelles
" I have known Peter for a considerable length of time and am as impressed with his intelligence and legal skills as I was when we first met. What sets Peter apart from so many other good lawyers that I know is that Peter is imaginative. He is not constrained by the intellectual box in which many of us find ourselves, from time to time. Indeed, when I have a difficult problem, I go to Peter. When I need someone to listen, really listen, I go to Peter. If I were ever in serious trouble, I would go to Peter. The concept of “lawyer” reaches its high watermark with him."

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Adviser to US and international clients on US and cross-border real estate, business and global investment matters, Peter holds law degree from Oxford University. Admitted to legal practice in the US (California), the UK and Hong Kong. Chairman of InterCounsel, an association of international law firms in North and South America, Europe and Asia.  Past chair of the California State Bar International Law Section, and ABA committees on international real estate investment and international secured transactions, and adviser to the ABA’s Task Force on transactional legal practice. He is a frequent presenter and author on US and international legal matters.

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Peter Gelles’ law firm has been very helpful to our firm in providing prompt, diligent and high-quality service to clients who have been in need of getting legal advice to do business in California and the US in general. Mr. Gelles is a knowledgeable attorney with experience in various practice areas, and with good contacts in the California legal community. We have found that he is always ready and willing to help. We see him as a very good and trusty legal advisor and a good friend. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice to do business in California, and the US in general.
Peter’s analytical skills, especially in getting to the heart of a complex problem, are superb and they are matched by his abilities as a negotiator.
Peter is a brilliant lawyer who commits himself one hundred percent to his clients and to getting for them the best possible result. He is a creative problem solver who can find ways to walk through walls. And he is compassionate and concerned about his clients and their welfare.

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