Sheila Dean

Global CEO

Specialism: Trustees Corporate Trustees, Private Client Trustees


Location: Isle of Man

City: Douglas

Equiom, Jubilee Buildings, Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 2SH

T: +44 (0)1624 699027

F: +44 (0)11624 699001

Sheila Dean
" In the ten years I have known Sheila, I’ve always thought her biggest strength is her ability to inspire her team, always encouraging those around her to perform at their best. Her passion for Equiom and its people is infectious and it is clear that she is highly respected and rightfully admired both throughout the Equiom Group and the wider professional services market. Sheila has maintained a strong culture of support and encouragement at Equiom, built on her key attributes of trust, passion, excellence and leadership, all throughout a period of substantial exponential growth when revenues have grown six fold. In my opinion, all of this is the sign of a great leader."

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As global CEO, Sheila has played a pivotal role in Equiom’s growth across thirteen jurisdictions and has successfully led the business through seventeen acquisitions and has driven the development of Equiom’s core and niche business lines worldwide.
Sheila has considerable experience as both a trustee and director on complex trust structures and multi-national companies. She is a charismatic leader with a passion to deliver value for clients and shareholders. Her values of hard work, endless enthusiasm and absolute integrity have been embedded into Equiom’s culture through her determination to lead by example and by expecting nothing but the best from her team.

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2017  Powerwomen Awards

Woman of the Year: Business Growth (Large, Institutional) | Silver Award

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Invested the proceeds of the sale of trust assets worth £150m into a new property portfolio for the second generation

Acted for the second generation of trust’s beneficiaries, who wished
to be actively involved in the trustee investment process, Equiom invested
the proceeds of the sale of trust assets worth £150m into a new property

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