Stella Mitchell-Voisin

Managing Director, Founder

Specialism: Trustees Private Client Trustees

Summit Trust International

Location: Switzerland

City: Geneva

Summit Trust International SA, 6 Place des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland

T: +41 (0)76 346 2161

F: +41 (0)22 707 8395

Stella Mitchell-Voisin
" Stella makes complexity look like simplicity."

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Stella Mitchell-Voisin is managing director of Summit Trust International SA and one of the founders of the company. Stella began her career with a major international banking group as a graduate trainee in 1991. She quickly moved in to the private banking and trust area and worked in Jersey before moving to Geneva in 1996. She has a wide range of experience of trust and company management including fine art, bloodstock, commercial and residential property, private equity, international portfolio management and private trust companies.

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2017  Powerwomen Awards

Editor's Choice Award

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Managing client assets: Greek ships; bloodstock, art and foreign direct investing

I have three recent examples of client work. I am acting as director of a major Greek ship management firm alongside family members which involves daily participation in financing, buying and selling of ships and chartering decisions. I am also running tax driven structures involving multiple jurisdictions and exotic assets such as art, operating businesses, intellectual property, yachts and bloodstock. Finally, I am running a structure investing into developing countries, reviewing risk and funding.

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First rate
Stella is always highly professional and excellent with clients and my team. She is also a very good sounding board for exchanging thoughts on new forms and procedures within our bank as well as on complex client situations.

Belinda FERRE   Bank J Safra Sarasin

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