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NextGen Top 15 Family Lawyers 2023

Our NextGen Top 15 Family Lawyers 2023 is an independently researched and curated list featuring the best and brightest family lawyers climbing the ranks of the UHNW and private client industries.

‘No-fault’ divorce came into play over 18 months ago, and the overarching consensus is that whilst it has simplified the process for lawyers, some clients feel they have lost the opportunity to air their grievances, adding a roadblock to an already emotional process.

Operating as a legal professional in this specialty area requires not only a mastery of the law and how to practice it, but a distinctly human touch. Family lawyers are often more than just legal counsel; they are a source of support for their clients going through what is often a very emotionally challenging time, and it takes a special skill to strike the balance between the two sides to the job.

On top of the complex challenges existing in practicing family law at any level or context, those working with private and UHNW clients face an additional challenge. An average day can consist of dealing pre-nuptial agreements protecting enormous sums of money, considering complex trusts and asset bases and additional wealth planning arrangements, or contending with competing jurisdictions and multi-national families. The ability to see the full, interconnecting web of a client’s situation requires an astute professional with shrewd industry acumen.

The individuals selected for this Top List demonstrate outstanding legal excellence alongside effective compassion for their clients. Citywealth’s rigorous selection process spotlights the upcoming generation of family lawyers who appreciate of the intricacies of the intersection they work in, and shine as a result.

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Claire Andrews


Osbornes Law

Camellia Buckmaster

Senior Associate

Payne Hicks Beach LLP

Laura Geraghty


Ribet Myles LLP

Ali Granville


Newton Kearns LLP

Mark Hands


Irwin Mitchell

Nina Lake


Howard Kennedy

Natalie Lester


Debenhams Ottaway

Nicholas Le Quesne


Corbett Le Quesne

Kate Molan

Senior Associate

Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP

Miranda Nairn

Senior Associate

Katz Partners

Laura Naser


Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP

James Netto


The International Family Law Group LLP

Adele Pledger


Withers LLP